Starting a new business is always risky but starting a restaurant is even riskier with their much higher rate of failure.  Growing up and living in Aurora, IL for many decades I always wondered why we did not have a Puerto Rican restaurant in town.  Although the Hispanic population is mostly of Mexican descent, there are thousands of Hispanics in town that were either born on the island of Puerto Rico or nearby Caribbean islands with similar foods.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had a few throughout the decades that tried to supply Puerto Rican food for those that rather not travel all the way to Chicago but they never lasted long.  So when I heard about a small restaurant named Boriken, opening up on the East Side of town, minutes from downtown Aurora, I was determined to check it out.

It’s not fancy by any stretch of the imagination and like most places starting out they need to get some of the kinks out but the food itself was pretty tasty, at least to my limited taste buds.  Sharing a space with a Mexican restaurant you can actually enjoy both types of food without going out of your way.

Not exactly a dining in spot because of limited tables but a great spot to either call ahead if you are in a hurry or have time constraints or carry out if you are more patient.   Despite the location and lack of parking spaces – since start-ups need to keep their overhead down – the passion for Puerto Rican food is obvious and I hope more people take the time and make the effort to try it out.

305 E Galena Blvd
Aurora, Illinois 60506
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(331) 425-4477

Thumbs up in my book!