Although Puerto Rico has been in the news due to Hurricane Maria and its devastation on the island, if you live in Aurora, IL you can enjoy a slice of the island with the opening of Boriken, an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant that opened its door mid-week.  Located at 305 E. Galena Blvd. behind the B/P gas station on the corner of Lincoln & Galena Ave.

It takes courage to open up any small business, but restaurants are especially vulnerable.  The last Aurora, IL census indicated that there are less than 6,000 citizens that identify as Puerto Rican but you would not know that from the great response the business has already had on its Facebook page.

I have always been surprised why Aurora, IL, has not had a Puerto Rican restaurant or when they do why they don’t last so I am determined to spread the word and go try every item I can for the next year!  Of course, being Puerto Rican I love the food, just don’t like or even know how to cook it any more, so that’s an added incentive.

As most new restaurants, the initial day was chaotic as people overwhelmed their take out facilities.  With its shared space with a Mexican Restaurant you can have tacos and arroz con gandules if you so choose.  As the staff adjusts to the daily grind and finds out which are the more popular dishes they will adjust the amount of each dish that is readily available so they don’t run out of your favorite!

So come out and support this local business.  If you are in a rush, I recommend you call ahead of time with your order.  Their phone number is:  (331) 425-4477!  Good luck to the owners and remember people a bit of paciencia will go a long way!  I tried the mofongo with frituras!  The wait is definitely worth it!