Bucking the trend of slowing home sales in the western suburbs, Naperville, IL saw an increase of 6.9% in the sales of homes in August 2019 to  185 from 2018’s 179 closed sales.  A uptick on days on the market from 2018’s  78 to 83 in August, 2019 (6.4%) did not slow down the closed transactions.  Median home price took a small hit of 1.4% from 2018’s $451,500 to August, 2019’s $445,000.

Year to date there have been 1,216 homes sold compared to 2018’s 1,336 which is a 9% drop.  The average home price has also taken a very small hit of .02% to $483,698 from 2018’s YTD of $482,795.  The median home price has taken a larger hit of 1.1% to 2019’s YTD of $445,000 from 2018’s $440,000.

The current inventory level is at:

Total – 716

New – 46

Reactivated – 4

Price Change – 47

Already in September we have 13 Pending home sales and 64 closed sales with almost half the month left to September.  Traditionally September shows a seasonal slow down in home sales.  We will have to see if this September is any different.