The month of November is the month to give thanks for all that you have and set your mind  on what you wish to have in the future.  Full of gratitude, home sellers in Oswego, IL despite the low inventory had 29 closed sales which was a drop of 23.7% from 2016’s 38 sales.  Days on market dropped from 80 days in 2016 to only 70 days in November 2017.  The Median sales price for single family home stayed pretty steady at $261,500 which was a small increase from 2016’s $261,000.

Year to date numbers are down from 2016’s 569 to 515 in November 2017.  The average sales price is up 4.6% to $274,303 from 2016’s $262,217!

Current inventory for single family has 106 available homes with 6 of those brand new listings.  There are currently 45 homes under contract with 19 days into December.

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Evelyn Santiago
Managing Broker