Last Friday after a day of shopping I realized that I had not had lunch and it was past dinner time, so I got on my phone and checked to see what Oswego’s newest restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse, had to offer.  I was going to make a reservation, since every time I had gone by, the parking lot was packed but I found out that they have carry out!

Longhorn Steakhouse

I placed my order and was thrilled to find out that the sides are included in the price of the steak!  What a deal….I’m used to going to steakhouses in Oak Brook so not having to spend a week’s budget on a steak dinner was great!  It gave me a time to pick-up at the bar.

I headed out a few minutes before my scheduled pick-up time and had the pleasure of having a reserved parking spot for carry outs!  Off to the bar I went!  The dining area was packed, there were people waiting for their tables…so I think I made a wise choice by doing carry out!

My food was waiting for me…the bartender went through all my choices to verify, which I am delighted they do since I have done carry outs in other places and have gotten home only to find out that they missed some vital item and I had to return….does not make for a happy customer!  The verification process was perfect and I even decided to splurge and order dessert!

Off I went back to my home in Lakeview Estates where I had a lovely steak dinner with all the trimmings!  The steak was wonderful, sweet potato, perfectly baked and the salad I had to save for the next day since it was a lot of food for one person!  I highly recommend you go and check out the newest Oswego restaurant yourself as soon as you can, whether in person or carry out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  I would recommend you get a reservation…since it appears that other residents have the same idea!