Last week was a busy week so Friday comes and I realize that I have no bacon for my Paleo breakfast!  Horrors…not feeling like getting dressed up in my “running errands” outfit I threw some jeans and slightly wrinkled top and ran over to my little shopping mall on Rt. 71 which I have always called the Ace Hardware mall.  I had been meaning to do a blog about Sages Meat Market since it opened earlier this year but like many things lately…it slipped my mind.

Sages Meat Market

Less than 3 minutes from my home, just behind Lakeview Estates, along with the Ace Hardware, La Cabana de Oswego, dry cleaners, nails and convenience store is Sages Meat Market.

The selection of meat is amazing and I had several choices for bacon – thin or think, smoked or not.  I also found a jar of my favorite salsa – Muchacha Salsa in medium!  It’s my lucky day!

I could not pass on one of my favorite cuts of steak – New York…so added this to the cart.  The clerk was so helpful and answered my many questions with a voice of pride.  With a great attitude and smiling face, its always a pleasure going into a business where the employees are happy to help out.

One of the owners was in the shop, so I introduced myself and told them that I wanted to feature their business on my real estate blog….Tom Dobbels who’s smiling face is above his employee.  As a co-owner, along with his wife Ann Dobbels, they moved their business from Morris to Oswego, IL this year.

For Oswego, IL residents that are always bemoaning the fact that there are no small businesses in the area….here is one for you to shop at!  The only way to prove to other small businesses to relocate or locate to Oswego, IL is to show them “the money” is available because our residents shop local!

Thanks Tom for taking time from cutting meat to have your pic taken for Heart Realty Group’s website!